The Myth of Dueling Kickstarters

Through sheer coincidence1 there are two big fiction anthology Kickstarters running among the authors who are at Origins this weekend.  There’s Time Traveled Tales, run by Silence In The Library and there’s What Fates Impose, run by… well, me.

The table of contents share quite a few people – including myself, as I have a story in Time Traveled Tales.  So I’ve been asked in what I imagine are hushed conspiratorial tones what I am “going to do about… it”.

The answer, of course, is that I’m going to tell people about both.

Here’s a picture of my minion (er, kid) standing behind my table after we set it up yesterday at Origins.  Just look across the posters on the front.

Sidekicks!, a speculative fiction anthology.  Eighth Day Genesis, a worldbuilding book (up for an Origins award!).  Dangers Untold, a horror anthology.  Net Impact, a spy thriller.

Some people – like me, as an example – might love all these books.  A lot of people would like some, but not all of them.  And that’s the key here.

Yes, I’m going to be talking about What Fates Impose a lot over the next month.  And that book will appeal to quite a lot of people.  But not all.  Time Traveled Tales will appeal to quite a lot of people.  But not all.   Some people will like one more than the other. 

And that’s okay.

This isn’t a race.  It’s not a competition.  My goal with this Kickstarter is not to make all the moniez evah.  My goal is:

Pay the authors in this project a professional rate for their stories.

Period.  And we’re right on track to do that.

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1 Mine was supposed to start a week earlier.

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