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If there’s one thing that this recent flap with the SFWA Bulletin has illustrated, it’s that there are a lot of cool people whose blogs I want to read.  That and cementing my opinion that Theodore Beale is a complete douchebag. That doesn’t make it worth it, mind you, and I could have found out that last point by simply reading any of his blog posts.

But I thought I’d bring you some of the blog posts that best reflect some of the thoughts and attitudes I have.

Some notable ones from people I’ve just discovered:  Peter Brett on why he’s (still) renewing his SFWA membership and Jess Haines’ well-written thoughts on her reaction and call to action to the whole thingMary Robinette Kowal sums up the feelings many of us (and I count myself as part of the “us” here; while my direct involvement is minimal, I have met many of the principals).  If you haven’t seen it, SFWA’s official response is actually swift and heartening (my reasons why I think so are in the comments there), as is John Scalzi’s official apology as the President of SFWA.

There was (aside from the aforementioned douchebag) one other type of comment that actually bothered me.
Paraphrased, they boiled down to:  “Hey, those guys have done a lot of good in the past.  Shouldn’t we cut them some slack now?”
The answer to this is no.  Not for them, and definitely not for me.

I ask this of you:   Do not give me a pass when I screw up.

Yes, forgive me when I apologize.  Yes, give me another chance.  Let me fix whatever mess I have created.  But I beg you, hold me accountable for my own misdeeds.  Do not accept half-apologies or abdication of responsibility.

That would not be fair for you… and it would not be fair for me.

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