Just a brief update about the Nuclear Kid

I want to take a minute to say thank you for the expressions of support both public and private about my last post regarding my son.
At least one person showed it to Aubrey (my ex). So I was surprised when my son was able to call last night.
It is still upsetting.  Even though he called yesterday, he is “grounded from all electronics” – computer, cell phone, etc – and has not been allowed access to the internet at his home. He has no idea why – just that it started after he returned from visiting me.
That, combined with my ex revoking the powers of attorney without notice, warning, or explanation still indicates that this isn’t over.  That access to my son will be a sword of Damocles, at least for a little over two years.
I have no idea why this is happening now.  The two times he has visited have been entirely at her whim.  At Christmas last, when I said “Just tell me what I have to do to see my son,” she said “No.”  This last time she insisted on controlling the dates and times of his visit.
I’m telling you all this not to condemn her.  I am genuinely sure she is doing the best she can. 
But I don’t understand why it is happening.  And so I have to presume that it will happen again.
I don’t want to focus on that, though. I want to focus on my relationship with my son.
And at least for now, I can.
Thank you.

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