This is going to be really short and sweet.

Millennicon was my first convention as a professional writer.

Millennicon is my favorite convention.

It is small enough to be cozy, big enough that there’s room to move.  People talk to each other.  People care.

I always – always – leave Millennicon energized.  I have new ideas.  New plans.  New energy.  My FILDI is through the roof.

Thank you, Millennicon.  Thank you to everyone who attended the Sidekicks! launch party, organized by the amazing Sarah Hans (and thanks, Sally, for risking your leg!).  Thanks to Jason Sizemore and Janet Harriet of Apex for taking some time to answer my questions so I can keep doing things better.  Thanks to Mike Resnick for his wealth of information (and not publicly exposing how ignorant I am too badly).

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to talk (or, um, listen to me rant) on panels, the dealer’s booth, and the room party!  And thanks to everyone who didn’t run away when the conversation veered from BDSM to Marcuse and Fight Club to economics to reminiscing about my hometown with Ricardo (HEY DUDE!). 

And thanks to Lisa, Mary, Ramon, Chris, and Christy (and everyone else I forgot) on the Millennicon board and staff for making it possible.

If you have pictures of me, any of the Alliteration Ink authors, or the Sidekicks! launch party, PLEASE NOTIFY ME – whether through a direct message on Facebook, a comment here, or an e-mail.  Thanks!



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