In Which I Reflect On Publishing, Gush About SIDEKICKS! And Invite You To Enter To Win A Copy

One of the stranger things about publishing in this day and age – at least, how I do publishing – is realizing exactly how much trust you have to put in people.

Remember, I focus on multi-author anthologies.  (BECAUSE.)  Which means that I have to completely trust the editor in charge of the project.  I didn’t get to actually sit down and read the manuscripts for the last two anthologies Alliteration Ink published1 until I was fully committed to the projects.

Which is scary as hell.

Still, I’m lucky.  Paul Genesse crafted some pretty damn deliciously dark anthologies in The Crimson Pact.  Sabrina Klein has such a great attention to detail that she formed Eighth Day Genesis into one of my favorite How-To books for writers.  Jennifer Brozek is consistently awesome and professional, and I kind of knew that she would ensure that Dangers Untold would be awesome.  (And it is.)

And with the first Alliteration Ink release this year, I’m glad to say that my socks are once again blown the hell off.  SIDEKICKS! officially releases this weekend…and I’m just finally getting a chance to really kick back and read it.

Holy.  Crap.

These stories go well beyond the spandex crusaders, and take the old tropes and turn them on their head.  Whether looking at the brains behind the revolution, sword-wielding squires, sorcerer’s apprentices, or places where it’s Big Damn Shiny all the time, this book rocks.

And you can enter to win it over at GoodReads.  The giveaway – for a copy signed by the publisher (me), the editor, and as many of the contributing authors as I can get together at the launch party this weekend – is live through Sunday.  Go now to and enter to win this puppy!

And be sure to watch here (or at for the links when it’s available everywhere!

1 Kicking the Habit doesn’t count for multiple reasons.

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