How Not To Be A Douchepuppet (Featuring Penny Arcade)

It’s pretty simple, really.

When a group of people say that they’re dealing with sexual assault and are systemically being made to feel uncomfortable at conventions… you don’t fucking mock them.

There’s all sorts of ways that you can reinforce a discriminatory and abusive system without meaning to be discriminatory.  It’s like playing Monopoly – the rules of the game force you to be an asshole to the other players.  So you can support a sexist – and creeper-friendly – environment while still having good or neutral intentions.

When you step across the line that Penny Arcade did yesterday, you’re actively encouraging creepers and giving a nod-and-a-wink to sexual assault.

Mike Krahulik, Jerry Holkins:  I know you guys have done some great things in the past.  And everyone makes mistakes.  This isn’t a mistake.  You don’t get to claim it’s satire when it’s the same thing you’ve been saying seriously for years.

Yeah, I know you have females that you love and care about in your life.  That doesn’t make it better – it makes it so fucking much worse.
You are mocking women who are demanding to be treated like people.  

But thank you for one thing.  You’ve given me a great example of douchepuppetry in real life for my kid.

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  1. Nice. Another reason to justify not reading them anymore.

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