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Spec the Halls was originally founded by Abra Staffin-Wiebe several years ago as a way to share stories freely, to help introduce new writers (and old) to new readers and celebrate the season. In doing so, she helped encourage quite a few new writers – including myself.The last two years have been pretty bad for her. Big, nasty life events just kept happening to her, in ways that she simply couldn’t control.I decided that it would be right this year for Spec The Halls, the celebration of stories which she started, to give something back to her.And it’s not money.Well, okay, it is money. But that’s not the point. You see, she gets to decide what to do with the money. She gets to control that. She can keep it, she can donate it, she can use it, she can save it.After the last two years, I want her to be able to control this one thing in her life, fully and completely.That’s the gift I want to give to the founder of Spec The Halls.I’m not asking you to give money.1 I’m asking you to participate by helping fulfill the vision of Spec The Halls. I’m asking you to freely share a work of winter holiday related speculative fiction.I’m looking for submissions between now and 30 December 20122. Length can be as few as 100 words; bonus points if you record your story and send me the MP3. Details about the submissions process, rights, and everything else can be found at https://specthehalls.com.
Links to submitted stories can be found at the All Submissions page 3(RSS | e-mail). Other news and announcements will be through the Alliteration Ink blog (RSS).
1 Mind you, I won’t turn away any donations, matching or otherwise…
2 “Submissions” is a strong term here. We are sharing stories, not competing here.
3 I’m currently waiting for the feed/page to update with new content, so if you’re still seeing posts from last year, that’s why.

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  1. December 3, 2012

    I notice the Spec the Halls website doesn't have a "Donate" button. Is there some legal reason for that? If not, could one be added?

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