Needing welfare

Before you start talking about people who get welfare in some way, realize that you don’t know who around you has been helped by govt aid in the past.

See, that’s kind of the point. Without government assistance during (at least two) points in my life, those hard times were just difficult financially.

They weren’t crippling. But they would have been without government assistance. I would have never been able to recover. It wasn’t fun. It was humiliating. But those programs were the difference between things being bad and disaster.

So yeah, you can’t tell that I ever needed welfare from my job or my degrees or my house or my (current) income.

That’s the fucking point.

Remember it.

One thought on “Needing welfare

  1. Here here! Been there, done that, got the kids still on Medicaid but just about off once my "contract to hire" gets to the "to hire" paperwork finalized. (Not to mention having needed unemployment for 5 months not too long ago, but most people confuse that with other "handouts" and don't realize that is it technically called Unemployment INSURANCE for a reason.)

    So you can certainly point to the free loaders taking advantage of the system, but for every one of them, each of us probably personally knows 5, 10, maybe more, who quietly went through some times that managed to be "really rough" rather than "life shattering" thanks to the government safety net.

    Thanks for making this point. All too often it gets forgotten.

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