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Matthew Wayne Selznick really caught my attention years ago with Brave Men Run.  I listened to the Podiobooks version with my oldest son – and really, it’s one of the few good later memories I have of my time with him.  And yeah, that’s really saying something about the quality of this book.

It’s a great coming-of-age (and coming-of-superpowers) story.  I paid through Podiobooks, I bought (and gifted) several of the original print version, bought all the related eBooks, and was thrilled to get him to write "History for Story’s Sake – OR – No One Cares Who the Emperor was 500 Years Ago.  Unless They Should" for Eighth Day Genesis.

And then I had a little bit of fanboy squee when I realized he was running a Kickstarter to fund Pilgrimage, the next novel set in the same universe as Brave Men Run.

So to help reach some of his stretch goals (along with such other notables as Scott Roche, Justin Macumber, and P.G. Holyfield), two of the Alliteration Ink "family" are kicking in short stories.

I’m contributing "The Burning Servant" (the short story of mine that was produced by Pseudopod back in February) for all contributors (past and present) who contribute $5 or more.

Patrick Tomlinson (contributor to The Crimson Pact and Eighth Day Genesis) is contributing "Dig Up The Vote" – his fun urban fantasy story that pokes fun at modern politics – to new contributors pledging $5, or those who up their pledge by $5 or more.

Both stories will come in ePub, Kindle, and PDF formats, so you can read them on whatever device you like.

All I need you to do is email me the receipt Amazon will email you upon
the funding of the campaign.

I’ll respond with the zip file containing
your incentive(s) attached. Easy!   So swing on by his Kickstarter campaign and toss a few bucks his way.

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