Lightest GenCon Schedule EVAH.

EventsGenCon Indy is primarily known as a gaming convention, and rightfully so. There’s thousands of gamers, thousands of games, and just everything you might ever think of around and about games.

Including an entire crash course in a writing career.

I wandered into the Writer’s Symposium because I hadn’t scheduled anything else my first trip to GenCon. I’ve been back every year since – though the side of the table has changed. If you want a nuts-and-bolts jumpstart to a professional writing career (aside from Clarion and its like), this is the place to be. Period.

And this year, we’re suffering from an embarrassment of riches. There are so many authors, editors, and publishers on panels that there was barely enough room for them all. I’m only scheduled for two panels on Saturday (10 and 11) and one on Sunday.1

If you were wanting a chance to bend my ear at a convention, this would be it.

I am offering to sub for anyone else if they need it – both on panels and games – but otherwise I’ll probably be hanging out near the Symposium. Drop me a line (including @replies on Twitter) so we can arrange to get together!

I look forward to seeing y’all in Indy!