Do you read this by RSS or listen to the podcast feed? Please read!

technology.pngHey folks, a tech note here. Apparently ODS (Open Domain Server) is going to shut down operations sometime in the next year or three. As a result, I’m proactively going to start moving my content away from the subsites that have the nameserver there.

Primarily – and the one of interest here – is the podcast feed I’ve been playing with. I’ve also realized (D’oh!) that I can simply put the audio as enclosures with the blog here and configure Feedburner… which is good, because it’s one less step and I’ll actually remember to do it frequently.

It’s bad, because it means I’ll only be able to offer a RSS 2.0 feed. And those folks (however few they might be) who actually use the existent podcast feed will have to change subscriptions. (Which you will anyway).

So here’s my questions:

1. Anybody subscribed to the RSS feed who will be completely borked if I switch it to RSS 2.0 only? (If you’re using Google Reader, you should be fine…)

2. Anybody actually using the separate podcast feed who needs help switching it? (I don’t have it really set up to give me usage statistics, so I have NO idea if anyone’s listening to it.)

Please comment here or e-mail me at ; silence means “I’m cool with you switching stuff.”

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