There’s an app for that…

I should have guessed.

One of the hurdles with offering “bundles” of ePub and Mobi files together is letting folks with mobiles (phones and tablets) directly open the file without having to use a bigger computer.

I should have figured there was an app for that.

WinZip for iOS does the job admirably, and AndroZip is very highly rated for Android-based devices.  And both are free.

So when you check out from the Alliteration Ink store in the future, the page with download links also has links to those two apps.

Oh – and if you go to that link, you’ll notice it doesn’t look like it used to.  Quite simply, I started getting really frustrated with the HTML, and I’m going to default to that site for “store” stuff in the future (yes, I’m not quite done).  I’m betting that people who go to my store will want to just buy from me… so I won’t be directly linking to other stores from it any more.

I will, however, link to all available stores on project pages – like the ones for The Crimson Pact.  I believe that people who find project pages like that are searching for the topic, not the store.

And by letting someone else handle the store code, I can actually make project pages for works that deserve it… like Eighth Day Genesis:  A Worldbuilding Codex for Writers and Other Creatives

Ooooh, I’m looking forward to that one….

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