Volume Three of The Crimson Pact is available – and sample stories available for free!

The third volume of The Crimson Pact is now available for your eReader!1

This volume continues the demon-hunting adventures of The Crimson Pact across the multiverse! As with all the other volumes, each author’s heroes fight against the forces of evil in a wide array of settings and genres, but the action and evil-stomping never stops. If you’re looking for anthologies that never stop and stand still, these are the ones for you.

Seriously. The broad range of The Crimson Pact is one of the main reasons it was the first project I picked up as a publisher. No matter what kind of genre fiction you like, there’s something in these books for you. Hours of entertainment – all for less than five bucks.

Still not sold? Then let me tell you this: To celebrate the release of Volume Three, you can get “Tales From The Crimson Pact” – a sample pack of four stories from Volume One – for free from Amazon for the next five days. From the 9th until the 13th. It features Inside Monastic Walls by Chanté McCoy, Monsters Under the Bed by Patrick Tomlinson, Brother’s Keeper by Lester Smith, and An Ideal Vessel by Sarah Hans.

Check it out for free before the 13th – and after that, it’s still less than a buck to try. And when – yes, when – you like those stories, check out the rest of the anthologies. (Three of those stories have sequels in later volumes, after all…)

1 If you buy the anthologies directly from the publisher, you get ePub, Kindle, and PDF formats. If you buy it from elsewhere, make sure they have a format your reader can handle!

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  1. April 9, 2012

    Just so y'all know – Barnes and Noble is taking their dear sweet time approving the eBook – it's been well over 48 hours now. In the meantime, pick it up direct from us – the authors get more money that way anyhow.

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