Works able to be nominated for awards for the 2011 season

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With Nebula and Hugo award nomination season upon us, I’d like to make you aware of the various projects and publications I’ve done over the last year.

First, the projects I’ve been involved with as a publisher (if you are a voting-eligible member of SFWA/HWA, contact me directly and we’ll arrange review copies) :

The Crimson Pact Volume One and The Crimson Pact Volume Two.  These anthologies are huge – over 500 pages in print each – and are well worth checking out.  There are many good, and several truly excellent stories in each anthology to nominate separately, as well as the anthologies as a whole.  There is literally too much for me to talk about all of the stories, and so many of them are good that it’s hard for me to pick out any to single out.  If forced to, I’d probably start with these four (two from each volume):
* Inside Monastic Walls by Chante McCoy (Vol 1)
* Of the Breaking of Stars by Chris Pierson (Vol 1)
* Last Rites in the Big Green Empty by Lon Prater (Vol 2)
* Three Transformations by Nayad Monroe (Vol 2)
Net Impact – not only an excellent spy thriller in its own right, but also features some striking cover art by Kathleen Tennant.  While I loved the spy thrillers I read in childhood, I eventually came to realize that those guys were the jerks who made fun of me and picked on me.  Dick Thornsby isn’t that guy.  He’s a regular guy… except he’s also a secret agent.  Net Impact is a spy thriller for those who loved spy thrillers… but have also grown up.

Spec The Halls – While it’s still available for sale for… um, 24 days, this charity eBook first saw light in 2011.  It has a mess of fine stories in it, and has done nothing but raise money for charity.  Good times.

Now, I’ll present a full list of my works that appeared this last year, but I would ask you to nominate Broken in the short fiction/short story category.  There’s a lot of reasons, but the simplest one is that I still choke up when I read it out loud, and Norm Sherman absolutely nailed it on the Drabblecast.

Short Fiction:

Broken, published Spring 2011 in OnSpec #84 and in audio 12/5/11 by The Drabblecast  – Listen to Norm’s reading on the Drabblecast, folks.  If you have a child who has issues, have tissues handy.
Hard Lesson, published in the September 2011 issue of Three Lobed Burning Eye .  This is an ambitious story.  There’s a lot of things I do well – especially in keeping “weird west” from being a simple retread.
Woman, Monster, Mother, published in the January 2011 issue of The Edge of Propiniquity. – Grendel, a bit of hardboiled detective story, and with a cameo by Taylor, my old black lab who passed away last year.
Freedom of Movement, published 10/1/11 Resident Aliens. – Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose.  Perhaps one of the more controversial stories I’ve ever written, it was roundly rejected (along with an insulting rejection letter) by an “inclusive” magazine, only to be snapped up by Resident Aliens.
Hero, Everyday, published 3/22/11 Daikaijuzine. You will read something into this story.  What you read into it says a lot.

Related Works:

Digital Publishing Overview – SFWA Bulletin Issue #195, Fall 2011.  Where I take a serious stab at an overview of the state of digital publishing.  

So You Want to Make an eBook? – Wherein I try to get you the information you need to roll your own eBooks at a reasonable price.  ðŸ™‚
Ideatrash – Yes, the blog itself.  I try to be the (mostly) reasonable guy, especially about eBooks and digital publishing and then spread that reasonableness through the blog.  We’ve gone over eBooks, contracts, real-life experiences and numbers, and all sorts of good stuff for writers.  Usually after I’ve managed to screw it up for myself.

Do you have anything that’s eligible for nomination?  If so, put it in the comments!

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