How Rick Perry Single Handedly Confirmed Obama’s Wisdom

rant.pngI’m sure you’ve seen Rick Perry’s “Strong” commercial. If not, go watch it really quick.

Rick Perry is actually not saying anything surprising. Seriously. It’s what the hard-core right-wing of this country has been thinking for a while.1

Yes, I am blatantly saying that the hard-core GOP is made up of homophobic Christian Supremacists.2

Now take a look at the revulsion – not hate, not disagreement, but disgust – that has landed on Rick Perry because of this ad.

Not policy, mind you. It’s just an advertisement.

And that’s from the disorganized American political left.

Imagine, for half a second, that the roles were actually reversed. That Obama was actually the leftist that FOX claims he is3. Now imagine the GOP machine manufacturing that same kind of disgust, with a little bit of fear thrown in.

Yeah. And you thought the flat-earther – I mean, birthers – were bad.

So yeah, I don’t agree with all the things Obama’s done. But I’ve got an appreciation of what he has done – and exactly how thin of a line he has to walk. Because while he’s not done everything I would want – or hope – for him to do, it’s bloody hard to do any of it when you’re not elected.

1 At least, the “social conservative” part of it. Libertarians, look over here.
2 And if you’re a Republican who disagrees with that characterization, I suggest you go have some strong words with your political party, because they’ve gotten away from your values. Yes, Mom, I’m talking to you.
3 He’s not. He’s a centrist. Hell, by the standards of anywhere else in the world, I’m a moderate instead of a left-winger, and he’s to the right of me.