How Rick Perry Single Handedly Confirmed Obama’s Wisdom

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rant.pngI’m sure you’ve seen Rick Perry’s “Strong” commercial. If not, go watch it really quick.

Rick Perry is actually not saying anything surprising. Seriously. It’s what the hard-core right-wing of this country has been thinking for a while.1

Yes, I am blatantly saying that the hard-core GOP is made up of homophobic Christian Supremacists.2

Now take a look at the revulsion – not hate, not disagreement, but disgust – that has landed on Rick Perry because of this ad.

Not policy, mind you. It’s just an advertisement.

And that’s from the disorganized American political left.

Imagine, for half a second, that the roles were actually reversed. That Obama was actually the leftist that FOX claims he is3. Now imagine the GOP machine manufacturing that same kind of disgust, with a little bit of fear thrown in.

Yeah. And you thought the flat-earther – I mean, birthers – were bad.

So yeah, I don’t agree with all the things Obama’s done. But I’ve got an appreciation of what he has done – and exactly how thin of a line he has to walk. Because while he’s not done everything I would want – or hope – for him to do, it’s bloody hard to do any of it when you’re not elected.

1 At least, the “social conservative” part of it. Libertarians, look over here.
2 And if you’re a Republican who disagrees with that characterization, I suggest you go have some strong words with your political party, because they’ve gotten away from your values. Yes, Mom, I’m talking to you.
3 He’s not. He’s a centrist. Hell, by the standards of anywhere else in the world, I’m a moderate instead of a left-winger, and he’s to the right of me.

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