Scary Halloween Costumes… but not the way you think

It’s really easy to find bad costumes.  I wrote about one last year, and Resist Racism has their annual Halloween post that sums up most everything.  But I stopped by one of the annual costume-a-palooza stores, and couldn’t help but note some of these just wrong costumes. They get worse as we go down the page.

These are either insanely stupid or pure genius. I mean, the flip-flop angle’s pretty stupid, but it sure made me really reconsider my risk factors for Type II Diabetes…

Here’s a costume that will give the Burger King guy a run for his money. I mean, this is a nightmare rendition of Papa Smurf. His dark, evil eyebrows, the way his beard never moves… it’s eeeeeeeeeevil!

I think someone doesn’t understand the word “hipster”. Maybe they should consult this meme.

Or maybe I’m just not cool enough to get this costume.

Congratulations, Sesame Street. Not only have you completely sold out, but you’ve done so in a way to invoke Rule 34 in real life. Why sexualize Big Bird? Dear God, WHY?

Also, Big Bird would never wear those heels. He would wear flats.

But honestly, all that pales in comparison to huge chunks of the children’s section. Only two are below… and appropriately enough, somehow Pedobear showed up in my pictures of the costumes. The urge to go back with a “Pedobear Stamp of Approval” is strong…