One Week Until CONTEXT

random.pngI’m going to be at CONTEXT again this year, along with quite a few of my author friends (some of whom I’ve helped publish)! It’s a writing-focused convention in Columbus, Ohio, and it’s usually the second one I recommend to people after the GenCon Writer’s Symposium (though Origin’s Library program is aiming to rival it, and with a slightly different emphasis).

The Writer’s Symposium is a four-day crash-course in all the basics of writing. CONTEXT is for after you’ve had a month (or a year) to let that percolate, and are ready for the “next step”. It features in-depth workshops (for an additional fee); I was very pleased with ones I’ve taken in the past with Lawrence Connolly and Gary Braunbeck. Additionally, there are (free after admission) panels throughout the day – and I’ll be on more than a few of them.

If you’re going to be at CONTEXT, I look forward to seeing you!

**PLEASE NOTE** I am not on the schedule due to a SNAFU during a volunteer’s illness. But I assure you that we’re open!**

E-Books: Good News and Challenges – Fri 9pm
While e-books have opened up a world of possibilities for writers, they also have their pitfalls — and sometimes even pratfalls. The good news is that now, with the right blend of talent, ability, and market sense, you can put your written vision into words — and not only have artistic control but also earn a king’s share of royalties. The trick is in doing it correctly, and there are plenty of challenges along the way, from cover design to editing/proofreading to formatting to understanding the potential audience to the biggest hurdles of all — getting publicity, readers, and sales.

Swearing in Alien Tongues – Sat 2pm
A unique and fun way to add realism to your SFF world building is to watch how your characters insult each other… or other species. Whatever your alien culture values or disdains can be used to create epithets and derogatory remarks – and be used to unobtrusively teach your reader about your world.

Rail Guns, Who Knew? – Sat 3pm
SF weaponry that’s become a reality. What are the consequences? What might be next?

Hook ‘Em Dano – Writing the Grabber Opening Scene – Sun 2pm
Almost all stories fail before the publisher gets to the bottom of the first page. Why? How do I write a great opening?

The Rules of Writing – and When to Break Them – Sun 3pm
We all know successful writers who break the rules. When, how, and why should we do it ourselves?