I mentioned that my contracts were online today at GenCon, and forgot that I hadn’t linked to them lately… so here it is: Dissection of a Contract.

Also, I’d like to expand (and clarify) on something that at least one person misunderstood, in regards to my public persona. I said (as I have often before) that my political opinions, such as my stance on GLBT rights, get expressed publicly because if I work with you, they will become apparent rather quickly. If my political opinions are enough of a problem that you don’t want to work with me, then it’s best that we know that ahead of time, because we won’t work well together.

This person misunderstood me, and thought I was stating that I would only work with those who agreed with me philosophically and politically. This is not (usually) the case.1

I routinely work with (in my day job, in my second job, in publishing/writing, and socially) with folks that disagree with me. We all know we disagree, and if it’s a big disagreement, we don’t talk about that aspect of our lives with each other. We concentrate on the job that is there to be done. Likewise, there are some people I get along with socially and politically that I have no desire to work with professionally.

Is there any danger of me working with the Phelps “church”? No. Would I work with someone who thought homosexuality was wrong? Yes – but I’d still disagree with them. 2

My politics do inform my ethics – including Alliteration Ink‘s ethics, but they don’t dictate professional decisions on who to work with.

And if you had any questions at GenCon you didn’t get to ask3, this is the time and place to ask them. Comment below!

1 I’m not going to distribute a book that extolls the virtues of racism, for example.
2 I may not invite them to an anthology that required LGBT characters…
3 Or didn’t ask because you weren’t there…

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