Quitting Pseudoephidrine

random.pngI have horrible, horrible allergies to the plant secks. So while I love the life and color of springtime, I tend to spend a large part of it – and most of the others – with my sinuses filled with yuck.

As a kid, I ate cheap benadryl tablets like candy in attempts to keep it under control, so when the new classes of anti-allergy meds came about, I was thrilled. They work, somewhat. (Flonase is one of the few that worked great on its own, but I’m one of the people who gets nosebleeds from it, which sucks.)

One thing that worked – mostly – was Claritin-D. Yes, the stuff with pseudoephedrine in it. Y’know, legal speed. (It can actually be used to make meth.) And while it worked well – and gave me tons more awake time – after several years of taking it, the stuff’s having a toll on me.

So since Allegra is now non-prescription (and more affordable for me), I’m trying that as a replacement. It’s working pretty well, but there’s that lack of, um, speed. So instead of being able to force my way through sleep deprivation, I’ve been crashing early and hard this last week.

Hence the lack of emblogination, weekly flash, and so on.

I’m starting to get the hang of this new cycle, but I thank you for your patience in the meantime.

2 thoughts on “Quitting Pseudoephidrine

  1. Greetings from the Meth capital of the world, Southern Indiana. It's the fools around here who have been using pseudoep for Eeevill (Meth) instead of Good (speed for writers).

    Good luck with your new med. I use Allegra but, when the doctor asked if it was slowing me down, my husband was like, "How could we tell?"

    Marian Allen
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  2. Edward says:

    "Emblogination" – LOL! Love the new word!

    Good luck with the new meds. Sleep deprivation is unhealthy anyway.

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