Dammit, BBC, let me give you money. #DoctorWho

[Edit: It showed up less than 12 hours post-US premier! HOORAY!]

rant.pngWe already went through this at Christmas. Face reality: Doctor Who episodes will be available on the Internet within hours of its first broadcast. It will be shared, torrented, and distributed no matter how you try to stop it.

You have a show with worldwide popularity and rabid fans. Fans who have worked themselves up to a fever pitch over this new season. They want to see it as it comes out. You encourage them to do so on your website.

So why not give them an opportunity to be legal about it? Why not give me an opportunity to watch it through Hulu with commercials. Or pay you directly by streaming it through Amazon?

Doctor Who 4You’ve clued in that releasing it the same day will help reduce piracy. That’s great. Except you’re insisting people buy the whole BBC America package.

And for those of us who do not “do” cable… well, no, I’m not going to get a cable install and pay LOADS of extra money (since the few shows I watch are all on premium channels). Why would I pay for full cable service and premium channels – over 95% of the programming on which I won’t watch – when for all but your one show I can legally get them streaming over the internet for less money and a single day’s delay?

I’m writing this 47 hours before the premier. There’s no page, no promo, no teaser at Amazon. There’s just some excerpts on Hulu.

But there’s already people commenting on the torrent sites. Waiting for frustrated people who want to pay – but who won’t buy a ton of crap they don’t need or want.

Your call, BBC. I can’t imagine that I’m the only American (or person outside the UK) who wants to watch Doctor Who when it airs and will pay for it… but can’t get BBC America, or won’t pay a ton of money a month for other shows and services I neither want nor need.

The pirates will get to watch the show as – or even before – it airs in the US. Loyal fans who want to give you money will have to wait a week or more1 for the privilege.

Really, what do you expect to happen? Really?

1 If the Christmas special is any indication

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