Quality Control and Paris – Two 100 Word Stories

And we have TWO yes TWO stories once again, with Chris the Nuclear Kid’s story first, then mine.

storytime.pngYou know the drill!
read & listen & vote at the weekly challenge website, enter this week’s challenge, listen to the stories below or download Chris’ or mine via the direct links!

Boxcar Children

I’ve been working in quality control for three months. It’s been okay except for the rumors of people going missing. Some say this town is haunted. I didn’t believe in superstition. Anyway, I am doing night shift, in a store but an over sized man in a trench coat came in. “Ah you must be my new trainee.” I said. He walked over.
I am no trainee.” His voice was a deep, growl. “But, I am the Duskwolf.” With that, he pounced, striking me in the head.
My last thought was: the next quality controller better be good.

"You're Loved By PFLAG"
Rupert stood in disbelief.

“The bar’s really called the Blue Oyster? Like in Police Academy? In the middle of nowhere, Ohio?”

Clarissa smiled. “All YMCA, all the time. Right here in gay Paree, Ohio.”

“That is so offensive.”

She smacked his arm. “They’re mocking the stereotype, silly.”

“But someone might hit on me.”

“Just tell them you’re married, you homophobe. Come on, you’re going to have fun.”

As they descended the stairs, Rupert knew next time he’d check the travel agent’s itinerary more closely.

But Rupert found out that after all, there are many ways to have a good time.

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