Marbles – Two 100 Word Stories

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And we have TWO yes TWO stories once again, with Chris the Nuclear Kid’s story first, then mine.

storytime.pngYou know the drill!
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Marbles 2 My name’s Tom. I don’t have many friends, because I said that I know an ogre. I don’t know the ogre that well because I can’t speak his language. But I know one thing about him – he really likes marbles. He even helped me get better at it so that I could win against a bully named Tray!

Anyway, I went to school, as usual, and decided to bring the ogre with me so that hopefully, people would stop calling me a liar. I waited until recess and played marbles against Tray as usual…

…but, this time I finally won.

The astronomer’s voice rolled out. “The Earth is a small blue marble hanging in space, surrounded by billions and billions of stars.”

My arm was around my son’s shoulders; this series had inspired me at his age. But he’d started fidgeting – the first time he had during the entire series.

“What is it, kiddo?”

His deep brown eyes looked up. “Daddy, are we the shooter? Earth. Our marble.”

“Of course not,” I said, and guided him to bed.

That night, I lay on the grass looking up and waiting for a giant green finger to flick us across the universe.

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