It’s Just Magic Eyedrops – Two 100 Word Stories

storytime.pngAnd we have TWO yes TWO stories once again, with Chris the Nuclear Kid’s story first, then mine. Some of you will know that mine is another little exploration into the zombies-in-space idea I’ve been playing with since last summer.

You know the drill! read & listen & vote at the weekly challenge website, enter this week’s challenge, listen to the stories below or download Chris’ or mine via the direct links!

Beyond Magic Eyedrops

He's got the whole world in his hand“First, I wanted to make something to help the blind.”
The reporter smiled. “Your famous invention.”
“Just magic eye drops. They let blind people see for a day, but I still wasn’t satisfied.”
Just magic eye drops? How isn’t that enough?”
“It was quite an accomplishment.” I said. “However, I wanted to achieve something greater. I wanted to find a way to make a better world.”
“Have you had any luck?” the reporter asked.
“Some, but I’ve had problems getting enough Play-doh in orbit,” I said as a rocket lifted off outside.

In The Eye

Zombie EyesThe general nodded at the top science advisor. “So. Zombies.”

Sweat began to soak the curls of her hair. “Yessir. Zombies.” She held her breath. The country’s defense lay in the hands of this pompous man. “Sir, it’s a virulent, rapid mutating cancer causing extreme hunger. There are high concentrations in the eyes and-“

“No eyedrops to stop zombiefication, is there? That’s because they’re magic.”

“No, sir. But I’m sure that we can find a scientific solution-“

The general slammed his hand down. “Enough science. It’s magic.” He sat back. “It’s just magic.”

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