For Zen Bananas – A 100 Word Story

A second (no, third!) story? Why yes! This is my entry into this week’s weekly challenge. Of course, you don’t have to choose between my story and my son’s – you can vote for both of us!

It’s also worth noting (if you don’t listen to the audio) that I got an IM from the host of the Weekly Challenge, where it read that the topic was “forzen bananas”. But you want to listen to the audio – this is the best I’ve sounded in two weeks!

So you know the drill!
read & listen & vote at the weekly challenge website, enter this week’s challenge (it’s “It’s just Magic” and “Eyedrops”), listen to the story below or download via this direct link!

nanasThe banana monk knelt before the saffron-robed master.

“What must I do to achieve enlightenment?” the banana supplicant asked the plantain master – though they both only spoke Mandarin.

The plantain smiled and stepped past the puzzled supplicant. He returned with cherries, whipped topping, and ice cream. He sprayed the whipped topping on the supplicant.

The banana got very angry. “Make me one with everything?” the supplicant shrieked. “That stupid joke doesn’t even make sense in Mandarin!”

The plantain sat down, smiled, and applauded, even though plantains have no hands.

And thus did they both achieve Zen.

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