Coming soon…How to Create an eBook

publishing.pngI make a big deal about hand-converting eBooks – and I stand by my statements. It’s not horribly difficult, but it is detail oriented and requires some basic knowledge about computers.

I’ve been planning on writing a HOWTO book for creating an eBook since last November. The problem I’ve been having is making sure that I’m answering questions properly, or at a level most authors and writers can understand.

So starting soon, I’ll be doing my own experiment similar to Kris Rusch’s Freelancer Survival Guide. I will be posting sections of the HOWTO here, and soliciting feedback from you, the readers. If something needs explaining, ask. If something doesn’t work, tell me.

And everyone who donates toward the book will get a copy of the finished eBook.

I’m excited about this – like Ms. Rusch, I got stalled on the project. But as I researched an article and found out how many companies were ripping off authors, I realized I couldn’t stand by the wayside any longer. With authors like Jim C. Hines – among others – putting their own work out there, I realized that if I wanted to see authors have more power and influence, we would have to learn to DIY.

So stay tuned, folks. It should be interesting.

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