Seen The Light – A 100 Word Story

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Wait, wait. There’s something different this week. My voice has been gone for most of the week, so it’s not me. Instead, I asked my kiddo (pictured below) to write a story. After his first draft, we edited it down and tweaked it, then he recorded it. So even if you don’t normally listen, do so this week and let him know how well he did.

storytime.pngYou know the drill – read & listen & vote at the weekly challenge website, enter this week’s challenge (it’s Frozen Bananas … or maybe ForZen Bananas), listen to my story below or download via this direct link!

Image001.jpg“I was still twelve and just a kid,” I told my class, “when I went fishing with my friend Beth. She caught five, and I caught four. That’s because she had all the good bait, and I just had leftover hotdogs. We walked home, and then there was a bright light, and the UFO landed. The aliens said -“

“Jasper,” said Mr. Hamlin, “a biography is a true story about our lives, not science fiction.”

“Yessir,” I said, as the class laughed at me.

They sure were surprised when my real parents came to pick me up in our flying saucer.

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