Contest Winners!

So our inspirational contest has come to a close. First, I’d like to thank everyone who mentioned this on their blog, with a special thanks to Alethea Kontis and Tobias Buckell.

Alethea is Everyone’s Fairy GodPrincess. Everyone’s. Except for that one guy. And those few over there. But she’s definitely yours. I cannot recommend her book of essays “Beauty and Dynamite” highly enough [LINK].

Take the inspiration from here and participate in Tiara Day for her birthday! And yes, I mean you, serious-looking person back there in the intarwebs!

Tobias gets a special mention simply because I’d forgotten one motto he told us at a novel-writing workshop: “Get excited and make sh!t”. It’s a good motto indeed.

So here are our entries (in roughly chronological order):

Gregory Gunther started us off with this one:

Rennata had two entries:


I received the first of two anonymous entries:

Lawrence brought his usual (delightful) brand of snark:

And then I received the second anonymous entry:

And finally Tony submitted this entry:

Oh yes, and to steal a page from Lawrence, a “Planet Surge” submitted this tongue in cheek entry:


So who won? It was hard – even the snarky ones brightened my day. So I did what any self-respecting gamer would do: I rolled a die.

And Gregory Gunther of Uproar Media wins his choice of the three books! I’ll be e-mailing him, um, now.

Thanks to everyone that sent in entries. I hope that not only did they inspire me, but that they’ll inspire you as well.