Scheduling Through A Time Warp

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Someone's Lost Schedule BookAnd somehow it’s Wednesday. I’ve been in a time warp since Friday – something you might have noticed when I was ticked off about political commercials and wasn’t going to take it anymore, um, the day before the election. (Note to television networks: We’ll do this again next year, okay?)

As some of you who saw me at WFC know, I’ve got this week off. I spent a good two hours meticulously planning out how I was going to Get Things Done.

The good news: I’m getting things done.

The bad news: Not nearly as fast as I thought I could.

So while I’m working on behind the scenes stuff 1, the outward facing things like this blog are going to be fallow for a little while. But hey, I got my joke lists running again!

So things will be irregular. If you’re not already using an RSS reader (such as Google Reader – HOWTO here) you might want to consider it – that way you don’t have to worry about checking back and seeing if I’ve posted anything.

With all that free time you have not pondering my awesome words (and being more efficient with a feedreader), why not write a 100-word story of your own for Lawrence’s Weekly Challenge? The topic this week is Penguins!

1 Including, but not limited to: quitting smoking, coding 500 surveys, meeting with professors, creating the freelance page in a professional way, converting two eBooks, expanding my Second Life business, revising and editing stories, sending them off, making a realistic budget, and, y’know, taking time off to relax.

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