Still working, so I give you a photomontage of the last week or so (play some kind of fast-paced inspirational music to get the A-Team montage feeling going). Click to embiggen in a new window…

Jim C. Hines & David D. Levine not only share the need to use middle initials, but they both had the same badge holders at World Fantasy! Otherwise, no resemblance at all. This is also my only picture of World Fantasy. Oy.

Levine & Hines

The neighborhood kids drew on a parking lot wall (in chalk). Someone added these later. ::walks away whistling softly::

The Cake Is A Lie

Kiddo was a zombie for Halloween. It looked really good – though apparently the latex did bad things to his skin.
Halloween 2010

I don’t have floor vents. This is how I know I have the thermostat down low enough.


Cat needs bubblewrap.


Okay, and these last ones are my real reason for the photomontage. You might remember that my cat likes looking out the window:

Window Kitty

Yesterday a squirrel jumped onto the screen… and the following ensued. The window, luckily, was closed.

Cat and Squirrel

Cat and Squirrel

Cat and Squirrel

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  1. November 6, 2010

    My wife saw this from across the room and thought the shot of me and David was some weird picture of me looking in a mirror or something…

  2. November 6, 2010

    At least she didn't realize it was the sooper seekrit cloning process!

  3. November 6, 2010

    At least she didn't realize it was the sooper seekrit cloning process!

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