Getting Frothy

There’s something about the 700 Club that makes me frothy. (And I don’t mean the Pat Robertson bits – I mean the “news” bits.)

Oh yes, that’s right. It’s bloody inconsistency.

I don’t (despite the above) have anything against Christianity per se. Hell, I’ll still call myself one if pressed. I have no interest in “proving” whether Yeshua ben Yosef really claimed himself the Messiah, et cetera and so on. What drives me bonkers are the people who follow Christianity.

For example, today I overheard a “report” that only a small percentage of teens in the United States have “a Biblical perspective”. My first thought was Oh good, that means most teens won’t want to commit mass murder in order to get permission to marry a girl. My second thought was And maybe fewer people will grow up and sell their daughters into slavery, or offer their kids up to be sexually assaulted to save themselves. 1

I can imagine it now: “That’s not what we mean by a Biblical perspective!” That is exactly my point. Those are all things in the Bible. 2 If you do NOT want to include all of that other crap (and I say “bravo!” to those who want to throw the inhumane and mysogynistic bits right on out), then why not just say what you really mean? 3 In one very real (but oversimplified) sense, Yeshua’s message can be summed up as “Be excellent to each other.” If most teens in our country followed that mindset, it would definitely be Wyld Stallions time.

Unless, of course, these folks are being duplicitous asshats. Unless the 700 Club (and everyone else who goes on about “Biblical” values) is more concerned about people following the 700 Club’s version of Christianity than they are about actually practicing the values that Yeshua preached.

I look at all the Christians protesting and spending money, time, and mental energy spent fighting consensual homosexuality.

Then I think about the sobering statistics of human trafficking and slavery that exist today.

For the moment, I have to think that those followers of Christ have some serious priority issues.

1 Saul & David, multiple instances, and Lot, respectively.
2Sure, I understand that many Christians may not be aware of these (and other) nasty bits; I spoke to a woman yesterday who did not realize that Paul (the New Testament Roman prophet) had never met Yeshua during his earthly life. I kind of thought that was basic knowledge.
3 And don’t you give me some crap about Yeshua or Peter getting rid of all those old rules. Not a jot or tittle, yo. Yeshua said he was the fulfillment of the Law, not a replacement – it was folks coming along later (see footnote two above) that started revising the rules.