More on the Call for Freelancers

The other day, I posted my Big Idea of starting a freelancer resource page (if you didn’t see the original post, you can get background here). So far, I’ve gotten several responses, suggestions, and questions. Thank you so much for everyone who’s helped this project along so far!

Here’s the suggestions (and answered questions) so far:

  • Can I forward this on? Absolutely! That’s absolutely essential. One thing I’ve noticed is that there are definite “circles” in the author/publishing community; an implicit goal of this project is to let people reach outside the circle of people they already know.
  • How fancy is this going to be? The answer – not very. Again, think arrangements more like Ralan than Duotrope. I’m looking for a directory, not a search.
  • Why are you doing this/ how are you qualified? I’m doing it specifically because it’s my idea, and nobody else wanted to run with the ball. I’m qualified only in the sense that I’ve been around the block once or twice and I’m an author as well.
  • Additional positions Two other sections were suggested, and they’re both good ideas. First, voice talent and processing. More authors are interested in doing their own audio – whether as short promotions or full-length podcasts. If you are willing to read, list yourself as talent. If you’re willing to serve as a consultant for getting started podcasting, then list yourself as voice processing (or something like that). Second, freelance authors. Both fiction and non-fiction. Sometimes a magazine editor has a story fall through, etc, etc. Who you gonna call? Now we can answer this question.

Please keep your comments, suggestions, information, and questions coming!

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