By the time this post goes live, I’m ALREADY AT GENCON.


There’s a crapload of AWESOME folks at the Writer’s Symposium this year – too damn many for me to list offhand! The schedule of things I’m participating in is below, but I want to draw your attention to TWO SUPER AWESOME THINGS. (Can you tell I’m excited?)

SUPER awesome thing the FIRST: I’m going to be sharing a reading slot with Lawrence Connolly. 5pm Thursday, in the Mariott (upstairs, if I remember correctly) the HYATT, 3rd floor. The man is a fantastic reader, and hails from the same region of the country as myself. It will be an Hour Of Fantastic Reading. (What will I read? I’m leaning towards Broken, Kicking the Habit (both of which I originally read at the Read and Critique at GenCon), and maybe Breathe if I have time.)

DOUBLY awesome thing the SECOND: Stalking the Wild Hare. It’s an anthology which will be on sale at the convention. As Mike Stackpole put it: “It’s a collection of stories by the authors involved in the Writers’ Symposium, which Jean Rabe wrangles together. It’s a limited edition, and Gencon is going to be the place where you can get it signed by all the authors.” This is a hefty puppy, well worth every penny. Let me re-stress: Limited Edition.

(Can’t make it to GenCon and want a copy? Toss me an e-mail: image of e-mail address and we’ll see what we can work out.)

Look forward to seeing you all there!

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