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Only at GenConI participated in several panels during GenCon – Writing Support, Men Writing Women, Market Report, Digital Resources, The Next Step, and Business of Writing. I mentioned several websites that weren’t on other handouts that Jean Rabe had, so here’s a quick link roundup.

(PS – If you were on one of those panels and had further questions, please feel free to ask in the comments. If you didn’t get the handouts because we ran out, let me know as well.)

Digital Resources
We didn’t talk as much as I would have liked about researching online. The Deep Web often has details you can’t find elsewhere. The googleschool tag on Lifehacker has a lot of advanced tips; but the 20 Search Helpers is a must-read if you’ve never used a + and – while searching. Hashtags got mentioned; they’re explained here. Jennifer Brozek also mentioned #askagent and #zinechat (the latter has no results because it’s a monthly thing, not a weekly one. I mentioned “landing pages” in multiple panels – here are posts from Lifehacker detailing why (and how) to maintain your online identity.

Writing Support
SFWA, Horror Writer’s Association, Preditors & Editors, and Writer Beware. (Yeah, they were on the handout, but they’re worth mentioning again.) There Are No Rules is another good resource.

Market Report, The Next Step, The Business of Writing
The First Novel Survey (and further analysis). My post You Are A Freelancer also sums up my attitude and favorite resources to recommend. I did not get a chance to mention TalkBiz. Some of his material does not apply in our situation, but he has a good, firm grasp of fundamentals.

Men Writing Women
It’s probably worth just reading these blog posts of mine that go over more about gender differences: On Men On Rape, I Can Hold Her Down . (Yes, I know I mentioned them not that long ago.)

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