Balloon – A 100 Word Story

This story’s a little special to me. You might remember that my dog Taylor (that’s him in the picture) passed away about a week ago. This story is for him.

You can hear the audio below, or if the player’s borked, there’s a direct download here. You can, of course, vote for it at the Weekly Challenge as well.

“I don’t want to go on the stupid ride.” Sarah put her small fists on her hips, staring at her father.

The spin-and-puke (or whatever) sang the same shrill tune as the neighborhood ice cream truck. “Okay,” her father said. “How about a balloon animal?” A nearby mime, hearing him, wheeled his tank and deflated balloons closer.

“I want Spot to be alive again,” Sarah wailed, tears streaking her dusty face.

The mime lifted a finger and went to work. In moments, he presented Sarah with the inflated dog.

She looked unimpressed, until it licked her and wagged its tail.

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