The Pie Is A Lie – A 100 Word Story

This week’s 100-Word Story is called “The Pie Is A Lie”. You can listen to the audio through the embedded player below, or this direct link (MP3). Of course, you can vote for my story at the Weekly Challenge as well.

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“I’m tired of only getting the scraps and leavings of your affection.” She threw his dessert on the table hard enough for the saucer to ring.

He looked up from his laptop, brow furrowed. “That’s not pie. What is that?”

“Leftovers,” she said. “It’s symbolic.”

“Feh.” He pushed the plate away, turning back to his computer.

She blurred into motion, knocking him and the laptop to the ground, dinner’s steak knife dripping with A1 at his throat.

“You’ve been starving me of affection,” she said. The knife pressed into his skin. “And I’m hungry.”

He didn’t feel the first bite.