Elephant in My Pocket – A 100 Word Story

This week’s drabble is called “Elephant in my Pocket”. You can listen to it using the player below, or hear the other stories in the Weekly Challenge (and vote for mine!) at that website, or use the direct link here.

I just got the print edition (limited, soon-to-be-signed-and-numbered) of Pencils Made This Scar in my hot little hands today; remember that all you have to do to get a chance at winning a free copy is to leave a comment or send me an e-mail. Specific rules and guidelines (and context) are here.
I hope you enjoy the story!

“No,” Sandra said, as the small grey animal on the floor trumpeted. She stalked past, through the kitchen toward their son’s room.

“You like elephants,” Andrew said. “Remember, that clown who made you the balloon elephant?” He picked up the pachyderm. “This one’s about the same size, honey.”

She called upstairs to their son. “James! Time to go to come home.”

“You could play with the elephant,” Andrew said. “Or James could, while we talked.”

Their son careened down the stairs and took Sandra’s hand. They went outside, slamming the door behind them.

Andrew petted the elephant. It trumpeted quietly.

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