Rebirth – A 100 Word Story

Yes, boys, girls, and paramecia, it’s time for another 100 Word Story. As usual, this was submitted to the Weekly Challenge; stop on over there and vote for my story (and any others over there you think are worthy)! The flash player’s below; if it’s borked, there’s a direct link to an MP3 here. And keep in mind, that you can play too – the next week’s topic is “The Message”; you can find directions on how to enter right here.

The water closes over my head.

As always, it is shockingly cold, flooding through the thin white robes. The minister – or is he a preacher? Pastor? – almost lets go. It’s symbolism, I think. Or maybe his hands are cold.

I am at the bottom of the pool. Please, I think, please stay down this time.

His hands pull me up, up, and I breach the water. The congregation claps. I clear the water from my eyes.

“Didn’t take, Padre,” I say, and snap his neck.

As I slaughter the sheep – his “flock” – I wonder if I should try Buddhism next.

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