Erratic Errata

A couple of quick notes:

  • I have a nonfiction essay in Mock Turtle’s May 2010 issue. It’s a local (Dayton, OH) ‘zine; you can pick up copies at the Ohio Coffee Company on Jefferson and Ludlow (next to Spaghetti Warehouse) or at the Sideshow at the Armory (in the Oregon District).
  • Some of my Very Short Stories appear in #VSS Anthology Volume 01. Here’s a direct link to mine, but do check out the rest.
  • I’ll be at MARCON over Memorial Day weekend, and on several interesting panels (schedule below):
    FRI 08:30pm Cthulhu 101
    SAT 10:00am Marketing your story
    SAT 07:00pm Reading
    SAT 10:00pm Religion in SF
    SUN 11:30am Paper vs. E-books vs. Audio Books
  • I recently agreed to be a part of “The Library” at Origins in Columbus. I won’t be there the whole time, but will be there on Saturday and Sunday. The programming for that isn’t completely hammered out yet, but I believe I’ll be hosting a table at a brunch, be a special guest in a game, doing a reading, and being on panels and whatnot.
  • And you’re right – you haven’t seen a 100 word story yet this week. I have one, but I didn’t finish it in time for the weekly challenge. I’ll be posting it in the next day or two.

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