Crush It!: Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion – Book Review

I recently read Crush It! B&N|AMZ on recommendation from Mike Stackpole. I’m still digesting the book, but I think I’m confident in recommending it to you. (Yes, you. In case you haven’t noticed yet, everyone’s a freelancer whether they want to admit it or not. Some people are freelancers with longer contracts, but the idea of a stable life-long job is long, long gone, baby.)

This book has two awesome things going for it: Mr. Vaynerchuck advocates living your passion, and he tells you it’ll be hard work and may not make you rich.

All of the above are true. This book is almost more inspirational book than "how-to" – though he does give practical examples both from his own experience and from other people. But he tells you that his exact way of doing things (videoblogs, for example) may not work for you.

He then gets to the principles behind his success. Take those lessons to heart, figure out how to apply them in your situation, and then get on it. I’m not sure that I agree 100% with everything that he says, but he makes a LOT of good points and gives you a lot to think about.

He never claims it’s going to be easy – he says exactly the opposite, in fact. He doesn’t guarantee you riches, either – though it might just happen. It all really boils down to this:

If you’re doing what you love, you’ll gladly stay up late to do it. If you’re not doing what you love, you’ll resent every minute. Take a look at what you’re doing for work. Do you love it? If not, grab a copy of this book and start reading. The book has an official website as well!

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