Alliteration – A Flash Fiction

Okay, okay, I’m behind. Yesterday I was brought low by the worst allergies I’ve ever had (and that’s saying something); the several days before had been pretty horrible as well. Turns out my region is the fourth worst in the country for pollen this year. I believe it.

Anyway, I neither submitted nor recorded this week’s flash bit for the Weekly challenge – but I did have one written. I hadn’t trimmed it to 100 words… but then again, I’m kind of glad I didn’t. I’ve written a few 100 word stories with Jonah and Boyd (here and here), and there’s a few other stories of theirs that haven’t seen print yet. They’re fun characters, and I’m glad I didn’t get around to cutting anything out of this.

“You have got to be kidding, Jonah.” Boyd looked at the dark, menacing shapes in the bushes.

Jonah shook his head. “Silence! Simply substitute just joking, Jonah,” he said, waving his hand at Boyd to get him to repeat the words.

“Just. Joking. Jonah.” Boyd grinned. “Brother Boyd breathes bowdy … dammit. I don’t know.”

Growls came from the bushes around the two swordsmen. Jonah drew his sword. “Alliterative alien animals ate angry … damn. Travelers?” The growls got louder.

Boyd drew his sword as well. “When words with wickedly weird similar starting sounds stopped suddenly … soon, snicker-snack!”

Jonah and Boyd looked at each other over the campfire.

“Yeah,” Boyd says. “It’s bloody stupid. Let’s just kill ’em all.”

Sickeningly, two similar swordsmen sliced stupid monster meat into mash.