The Sinister Up-Nose Profile Pic

You may have noticed that my avatar/userpic/whatever is a bit… well… scowly now. I changed it because, between the release of Timeshares next week and the convention season starting up, I thought having a more up-to-date picture would be a good idea. (I wasn’t visible under the scarf, and the one before that was from June 09. The picture at my main domain used to be from 2007, I think. I had short hair in it. Ah. Here it is.

And it’s true, I don’t often smile in pictures. Because they’re often my one second, my one moment to actually appear serious.

If that – close examination will demonstrate that the current pic is an upnose shot. Which is really my point. As much as I might want to be the cool guy, I end up being Dante or Leonard. At best. Hell, I did an impression of Cookie Monster covering Lady Gaga. I thought learning how to do multiple regression was kind of neat. I’m unintentionally goofy, still trying to figure out this whole “social protocol” thing, and very much have the tendency to expound at length about facets of science (usually the social sciences) that nobody else cares about.

So I guess I’m also like Sheldon. Which, thankfully, definitely raises my “cool factor”.


Anyway, if you’re looking for me at a con or appearance (now listed on the blog), look for someone that looks a lot like that picture up there.

Except dorkier. No, not that guy. Even dorkier than that.

Yup. That’s me.