Because you need to feed your ears

I’m still surprised when I encounter people who have never heard of podcasts. I can’t imagine commuting at all without them anymore, let alone long car trips. When I tell people about them, they often say “But yeah, what’s interesting to listen to?”

So I’m sharing my favorite feeds with you here (and so I can send this link to friends). With most of these, you can listen to the podcast streaming on the website. If you don’t know what a podcatcher is, either iTunes or the crossplatform (free) Juice will serve you well. (Me? I use an xml file and a python script. I’m a geek, I know.) Not all of these podcasts are child-safe.
I have to start with these three. Escape Pod started it all for me. Science fiction? That I could listen to while commuting? FREE? Awesome. As Escape Artists has branched out into fantasy and horror, they’ve kept up the same quality of story and production that has me coming back for more, and more, and more. (I also contribute monthly to them.)

The rest of these are often just as awesome, and range from individuals to media company products. Check them out and let your ears relax over the weekend.

And if all that isn’t enough, I can’t recommend Podiobooks nearly highly enough. Books podcast in serial form? Awesome. And then contribute what you think the story was worth.

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