Connotations – A Flash Fiction

It’s interesting how we can use the same word in so many ways, don’t you think?

Right, right. But I don’t really mean homonyms or things like that.

Oh. Really? I thought those were called homonyms.

Okay, I get it. Right. But I mean other words. Like, friends. We use friend in such a cavalier way, but also as such a serious term, don’t you think?

…but real friends help you move bodies! Oh, that’s good! Exactly like that, exactly. Or love.

Don’t be shy, my dear. Don’t try to get up. I wouldn’t want you to get your suit messed up. I know it’s soon, and it’s sudden, but it’s okay. Look, we use love in lots of ways. Remember when we were children? “Well, if you love it, why don’t you marry it?” Exactly like your joke when you picked me up…

… well, okay, it’s kind of harsh. But that’s part of what I mean. Love can be that blissful thing, that first time that you melt in someone’s eyes, love can be the long-term affection between an old couple. Love can be the thing that tempts and the thing that keeps you from being tempted at the same time. Love is blind, but it’s in the eye of the –

Yes, I think there is something in common with all of those. Every time, it’s about getting inside someone else’s skin, you know? It’s about knowing the other person, feeling that connection between them. Even the affectionate kinds of love are described that way, like a connection between two bodies. And – and you’re special to me.

I know, it’s sudden, please don’t struggle. The ropes are too tight. You’ll hurt yourself. You’re special, and I’ve always wanted to feel that connection, that *love*. See, I’ll start on myself. But don’t worry. We’ll be connected soon enough.

Soon. We’ll truly be one.