Still recovering from Millenicon

I spent a goodly portion of the last weekend at Millenicon in Cincinnati with a lot of great fine people.

Great fine people who managed to remember that they had cameras, or cameras in their phones.

I finally got to meet John Scalzi and learned how to say his name properly (just like it’s spelled, and yes, he is as funny in person as he is on the internets) and Tobias Buckell, even though I keep wanting to put a “n” in his name. I met Alethea Kontis, and actually managed to help her out with my mad internets skillz (she’s an amazingly cheerful and exuberant person… and manages to do so in a completely awesomely not-annoying way that totally wins one over. I mean, look at the pigtails.). I also met Paul Melko and fed him and Jim Hines cookies from Max & Erma’s. (Yes, chocolate chip.) I met and got to talk with Kaza Kingsley (and learned of another YA fantasy series to turn my son onto – paperback versions of the first two Erec Rex books come out in early April!) I got to see Tim Waggoner again as well, and a whole bunch of other interesting, crazy, people.

Y’know. My kind of folks.

Seriously, it was a lot of fun. Other than a (VERY) small con I ran back in 1992, I’ve only ever been to GenCon. This was very different, being smaller and focused on science fiction rather than gaming, but that was part of what made it good. You could talk to authors without a gaggle of people around or feeling like you were completely monopolizing their time – something that was hard to manage at GenCon, and I imagine is near-impossible at DragonCon or WorldCon. ConText is another smaller regional con in August, and it’s definitely making my calendar.

I’m glad I have this week off – that means I get a chance to keep a hold of this feeling of… well, belonging for a little while longer before going back to the routine.

Pictures? Oh, yeah, pictures.

Tobias took several good ones – Jim and his jacket, John and Kaza, and Alethea.

And here are a few of mine:

It looks like a bunch of people behind tables, right?

That’s because the fun is ninja fun. You can only see it when it’s about to get you.

Seriously, it was a great weekend. If you’re in the area, I highly recommend it as a nice way to get away from reality for a few days and be simply yourself, among others like you.

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  1. March 26, 2009

    It was fun getting to chat with you! And thanks again for the cookie! 🙂

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