Netizen, research thyself.

Yes, Netizen. As in “The Netizen traveled the tubes of the intarweb’s information superhighway”.

I’d like to offer a couple of quick research ideas that I haven’t seen before. If you’ve seen them elsewhere, I’d be interested in it. If you can use it, great!

  • Relationship of gender of avatar to gender of human – I tend to like female avatars in video games, but only in games. I’ve never even considered having a female avatar in anything like SL, or “posing” as a different gender on a forum or social networking site. What’s the frequency of choosing an avatar of another gender? Does the frequency vary depending on the type of online (or not online) forum that one’s on? Do the motivations differ? Is real-time team chat killing this tendency (if one existed)?
  • Portraying oneself as a different gender online – why?
  • Frequency of keeping up with updates, blogs, tweets, etc and percieved strength of relationships – do most people care? If they do care, is frequency of reading (or commenting) important in general?


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  1. January 23, 2009

    I sincerely hope that strengths of relationships are not measurable by the number of comments left.

    Just saying.

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