Omission – a 100 Word Story

It’s my final Weekly Challenge entry. 33 weeks, and, well, I want to write some other things, send in some things, and see my name in print elsewhere. I’m a finalist in a local poetry contest (I’m not sure how that happened, really), for example. I have several stories I just simply haven’t put a final polish on or sent off. And, oh yes, there’s school. I may write some drabble here and there, but it may not be exactly 100 words or exactly a week between. I will, of course, post anything that gets published (or at least a link to it) here as well.

So, here’s my last (regular, weekly) 100 Word Story. I started back at challenge #100 with a bang and winning result; it’d be awesome if you thought this one deserved to win too. If so, stop by the 100 Word Story site and podcast and cast your vote. You can hear this story as well at this link (MP3).

“Cindy, this is Jason from work and his wife Megan.” Dan ushered the two into the kitchen, away from the noises of the party.

“Cindy,” Megan said, “I saw your daughter today. She’s so adorable!”

“Yes, Dan,” Jason said, “She looked wonderful in that dress. Did you say you had a son, too? Where’s he?”

Dan and Cindy glanced at each other, at the basement door, then to their guests.

“He’s visiting his grandparents,” Cindy said quickly. “Let’s go join the others back in the den.”

Neither Dan nor Cindy glanced at the door for the rest of the evening.

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