Clown vs. Ninja – A 100 Word Story1 min read

I should point out, perhaps, that this topic is not my fault. It’s almost as bad as the one with dragons and Boy Scout handbooks… but more limiting. On the other hand, it was a challenge – not only to write an actual story (beginning, middle, end, with a change in characters), but something neither lame nor exactly like what everyone else was doing. My effort is below, and you can hear it here (mp3 link). The rest of the stories can be read or heard at the 100 Word Stories podcast and site; please vote for your favorite(s).

The antiseptic hospital stink makes it through the red rubber nose. He shuffles faster, seeing her outside his son’s room. His ex-wife’s distinctive braid swings over a black clad shoulder, a katana across her back.

He yells over the flapping of his oversize shoes. “A ninja? In a hospital?”

“He likes ninjas!”

“That was a year ago! Clowns make everyone happy!”

He realized that wasn’t true as she hit him.

Later, the police handcuffed them outside the room. Bobby beamed out, cancer forgotten at the spectacle of clowns fighting ninjas.

His real smile was far bigger than the painted one.

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