A Must for Lovecraft Fans

Look, I know that it’s rare that a story set in the “Lovecraft Mythos” has stirred you. That they are pale imitations of the unspeakable horror that took you when you first found a copy of H.P.’s work.

This story is not a copy, not a pastiche of Lovecraft’s work. No, it is a successor to Lovecraft. It is worth the listen, and Ben Phillip’s reading is masterful.

Follow the link to download the podcast.

Pseudopod » Blog Archive » Pseudopod 106: Jihad over Innsmouth

A cold, black, liquescent fear laps at the edges of my heart as I approach the first gate in the long Caliph’s Maze of Airport Security. Some darker force is trying to sway me unobtrusively away, to make me renege my retainer’s oath, cut my losses and run headlong to South America with the dwindling remains of my bank account.

Should I die on my quest, a first-class seat in Paradise awaits me. In my time, I have lived through every hell Shaitan could possibly devise right here on Earth, moving behind newspaper headlines which even Al-Jazeera fears to run. Enquiring minds want to know, but some truths are better left to the darkness at the center of the universe, to be drowned out by the skirlings of the blind piper and his retinue of idiot flute-players..