100 Word Story – Jobs

Happy Memorial Day – here’s this week’s appropriate 100 word story.


PFC Fenti flinches, but there is no explosion. The driver glances at him, then watches the road again.

Now. Nothing.

Bullets fail to come streaking from the windows. Simmons lights a Camel – irony is cheap here – and blows smoke in Fenti’s face.

Spielberg would consider that a cue; the insurgents do not.

Tense, boring minutes pass. A drip of sweat falls from Fenti’s head onto his weapon.


No bullets. No IED. Nothing.

He says it: “Remember, it’s not just a job…”

When the left side of the hummer goes in flame and shrapnel, it’s almost a relief.


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Watch Saving Private Ryan, or some old John Wayne movie for your Memorial Day. I’ll watch this, thanks.