Where's the privacy statement?

This program sounds like any number of “preferred shopper” programs – like those at Kroger or other grocery stores. What is conspicuously absent, however, is the privacy information. Or any up-front information. Or any information (at least that I could find) online, except for a lot of news organizations parroting a press release. I’ve e-mailed Greg Lashutka (the program director) and hope to find out more. This could be a great program – or a shady privacy-violating deal. Stay tuned!

Ohio Drug Card

As a resident of Ohio, you and your family have access to a FREE Prescription Drug Card program. Simply download your Prescription Drug Card and receive savings of up to 75% at more than 50,000 national and regional pharmacies. You may create as many cards as you need. Participating pharmacies include the following: Kmart Pharmacy, Rite Aid, Marc Pharmacy, CVS/pharmacy, Walgreens, Meijer, Discount Drug Mart as well as thousands of independent pharmacies. Please enter your name and e-mail address below and we will generate a printable membership card for you. These cards are pre-activated and can be used immediately. You can generate as many cards as you need! Note: Each family member must have their own card.

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